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The ancient art of Muay Thai, dates back for over thousands of years, being one of the oldest yet most effective martial arts in the world. First used as a system of self-defense and on the battlefield, Muay Thai has, over the centuries, become the national sport of Thailand.
Known as “The Art of Eight Limbs”, Muay Thai teaches the use of the fist, feet, knees and elbow, allowing the practitioner to make use of any part of the body to defend themselves.


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) first burst into mainstream popularity when Royce Gracie used it to defeat much bigger and stronger opponents to become the first UFC Champion in 1993. Known as 'The Gentle Art', BJJ is a grappling-centric martial art that takes place mostly on the ground, where attributes such as strength, size and speed are mostly nullified, and a more knowledgeable and skillful practitioner can apply leverage to control, sweep, and ultimately submit his or her opponent. Initially conceived as a system for self-defense, BJJ has, over the years, evolved into a fast-growing sport practiced by millions around the world today.

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Boxing is one of the oldest martial arts, dating back around 3000 BC. Boxing involves the utilization of different combinations of punches, striking and footwork. The high-intensity workout will have you see not only an increase in your physical fitness, but mental wellness too!


Our Muay Thai kids programme is designed for a child to channel their high energy and curiousity to learn self defense in a form of Muay Thai. In addition, this programme builds up your child's overall fitness and gross motor skills. 


Muay Thai training can be a great stress-reliever while being physically challenging. This means not only will your child fitness improve but also their mental attribute; it teaches them focus, and the ability to stay calm under pressure. The social nature of a Muay Thai class also gives an opportunity for your child to build up their social skills and interaction with the instructors will imbue them respect. 


You can also be assure that while your child be spurred to challenge themselves, they will always be training in a safe and fun environment under the watchful eye of our coaches.



Our BJJ Kids programme is designed to channel the high energy and curiousity of a child into something productive, beneficial and useful in the long run. Not only do they learn self-defense, BJJ also builds up your child's overall fitness and gross motor skills. 


As martial arts has always been synonymous with discipline and respect, this programme aims to nurture these values in your child in a safe and fun environment. The social nature of our BJJ class gives all children the opportunity to make friends and interact.

The goal is to impart them with self-defense skills and allow your child to gain confidence and discipline through the power of martial arts, all while they are having fun!

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