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No-Gi grappling is a dynamic martial art practiced without the traditional gi, emphasizing technique, agility, and strategic thinking. Accessible to all, it offers a versatile platform for self-defense, sport, and physical fitness on the mats.



Level 1: Beginners to Intermediate


Begin your journey into the world of No-Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with our Level 1 classes, meticulously designed to lay a solid foundation in the core principles and basic techniques of the art. Here, beginners and those with some experience can grasp essential techniques while enjoying a supportive learning environment.

Example Techniques:

  • Guard Passing Fundamentals: Master basic guard passes such as the knee slice pass and the leg drag to effectively advance your position.

  • Submission Essentials: Focus on high-percentage submissions like the armbar from mount, triangle choke, and guillotine choke to establish a well-rounded submission game.

  • Sweeps for Success: Learn simple sweeps from guard positions such as the scissor sweep and the flower sweep to reverse your opponent's advantage.

  • Positional Domination: Establish and maintain dominant positions such as side control and mount to control the flow of the match.

  • Escaping Inferior Positions: Develop basic escapes from inferior positions such as bridging and shrimping to regain control and neutralize threats.

Level 2: Intermediate and Advanced Techniques


Advance your skills in our Level 2 classes, tailored for students with a solid understanding of No-Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fundamentals. These sessions delve deeper into the art, introducing more complex techniques and strategies to elevate your game.

Example Techniques:

  • Advanced Guard Passing Tactics: Incorporate techniques like the toreando pass and leg weave pass to overcome increasingly skilled opponents' guards.

  • Diversified Submission Arsenal: Expand your submission repertoire with techniques like the omoplata, kimura, and rear-naked choke to keep your opponents guessing.

  • Sophisticated Sweeps and Reversals: Explore more intricate sweeps such as the X-guard sweeps and the butterfly guard sweeps to maintain offensive pressure.

  • Seamless Transitions: Emphasize fluid transitions between positions and submissions, chaining techniques together to create submission opportunities.

  • Strategic Counters and Defense: Focus on defensive strategies against submissions and sweeps, including submission escapes and guard retention techniques, to nullify opponents' attacks effectively.


Level 3: Sparring and Competition Preparation

For those seeking to test their skills in live combat and prepare for competition, our Level 3 classes offer intensive training and simulated competition environments under the guidance of experienced coaches.

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