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Empower your team with our corporate programmes. Led by expert trainers, boost morale, teamwork, and fitness. Enhance workplace cohesion through dynamic martial arts training.

We also extend corporate partnership opportunities to organisations seeking employee wellness initiatives. Elevate your company's well-being programmes with our tailored offerings.  Let's collaborate for healthier, happier teams!

Team Building Workshop

Engage your team in a dynamic and invigorating team-building experience with our 60-minute MMA workshop. Designed to maximize impact in a short timeframe, this session combines the principles of martial arts with collaborative activities to strengthen bonds and foster unity among team members.


Introduction to Muay Thai

Join our specialized Muay Thai program designed for corporate clients. Led by skilled trainers, learn striking techniques and conditioning exercises in a motivating environment. Boost team morale, wellness, and resilience with our dynamic sessions. Perfect for corporate wellness initiatives seeking an empowering fitness solution.


Self-Defence Workshop

Empower your team with essential self-defence skills in just 60 minutes! Our programme combines basic techniques, partner drills, and scenario training to equip you with the tools to protect yourself in various situations. Led by experienced instructors, your team will learn effective strategies for both physical defence and de-escalating conflicts. 


Introduction to Grappling (BJJ)

Discover the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) in our tailored corporate program. Led by experienced instructors, learn grappling techniques and ground fighting strategies in a supportive atmosphere. Enhance teamwork, problem-solving, and resilience through our dynamic sessions. Perfect for corporate wellness initiatives seeking a unique and empowering fitness solution.

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