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Muay Thai

Our Muay Thai classes are designed to accommodate practitioners of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced fighters. Our programme offers a structured approach to mastering the art of eight limbs while fostering growth and development at every stage of your journey.

Level 1: Beginners to Intermediate


Our Level 1 classes provide a solid foundation for newcomers and those with some experience in Muay Thai. Here, you'll learn the essential techniques and principles of the sport in a supportive environment.


Example Techniques:


Basic Muay Thai Stance and Footwork: Master the fundamental stance and movement patterns.

Jab-Cross Combination: Develop crisp and effective striking combinations with the jab and cross.

Roundhouse Kick: Learn proper technique for delivering powerful kicks with your shin.


Level 2: Intermediate to Advanced


Level up your skills in our Level 2 classes, tailored for students with a solid understanding of Muay Thai basics. These sessions introduce more advanced techniques and incorporate light sparring to enhance your timing and application.


Example Techniques:


Clinch Work and Knee Strikes: Explore the intricacies of clinching and delivering devastating knee strikes.

Teep (Push Kick) Variations: Master different variations of the teep to control distance and disrupt your opponent's rhythm.

Elbow Strikes and Combos: Hone your technique in delivering sharp and precise elbow strikes, incorporating them into combinations.


Level 3: Advanced and Serious Sparring


For those seeking to push their limits and refine their skills to a competitive level, our Level 3 classes offer intensive training and serious sparring sessions under the guidance of experienced coaches.


Example Techniques:


Advanced Clinch Entries and Throws: Learn high-level techniques for entering the clinch and executing takedowns or throws.

Advanced Defensive Techniques: Develop defensive strategies to evade attacks and counter effectively.

Controlled Sparring: Engage in full-contact sparring sessions with a focus on control and technique refinement, preparing you for competitive bouts.

No matter your level of experience or aspirations in Muay Thai, our classes provide a structured and supportive environment to help you achieve your goals. Join us on the mats and embark on a journey of self-discovery and martial arts mastery.

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